Hi everyone,

I am about to move into a beautiful grouphouse rental in Washington, DC, in a 3-story rowhouse that is about 100 years old. The landlord and owner had previously lived in the house.

There is a nice entanceway separating the living and dining spaces on the first floor, square-framed with some molding. When I first saw the house, I noticed that the molding on the top of the entranceway was farther away from the ceiling on one side than it was on the other side. This makes me think that either the wall or the ceiling is slanted.

Either way, does this indicate a safety or major structural issue? I have not signed the lease to this rental yet, but my would-be roommates have nothing but positive things to say about the house and the landlord. I wonder if this slanting is cause for me to back away from the lease, or if is merely something I can bring up with the landlord, or if it is completely normal and no cause for alarm at all!

Thank you!