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    Default Should the seam between my aluminum window trim and the stucco be caulked?

    Here are some pictures to illustrate my question:


    I hired a large, reputable remodeling company to cover my wood windows and fascia with aluminum trim as well as replace my gutters. So far, I've been fairly disappointed with the the overall quality and attention to detail and I've already had them back out 3 times to finish things that they left un-done. So, now their once again telling me that they're all done but before I sign off on everything, want to get some opinions on this. My house is stucco so it's understandable that where the trim meets the stucco, the stucco doesn't provide a very flat surface and the trim can't fit perfectly flush against the house. But, my thought was that they would surely put a big bead of caulk along those seams to make them water tight but nope - they caulked the rest of the seams including the sides of the window sills, but they didn't caulk the long vertical casings. It doesn't look that bad and the windows do still have some paint left on them which would afford them some protection from moisture but I'm kind of worried about water running down the casings and sitting on the window sill and just in general about the long term effectiveness of this approach. I don't want to be a jerk about it but I also want the job done right and don't want to end up spending my own time and money finishing the job that I paid them good money to do. So, what are some opinions? Is caulking those seams the proper thing to do and, is it reasonable to expect that this should be included in a job like this?

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    Default Re: Should the seam between my aluminum window trim and the stucco be caulked?

    Yes, you are right, it should be finished and included in the original price.
    No, you are not being a jerk for demanding that a "large, reputable remodeling company" finish what the were contracted to do.
    Don't pay it off until everything's done to your satisfaction, even if it means that the owner of the reputable company shows up to finish the work himself.

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    Default Re: Should the seam between my aluminum window trim and the stucco be caulked?

    In situations like yours, what I prefer to do is to seal underneath the trim with silicone caulking- you get the sealing and you don't see the caulking. I make sure the customer sees how I do this so they can rest easy knowing they're getting the best of everything- and I don't get any call-backs for leaks. Costs me a few bucks more but the references are worth it


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