I recently hired a contractor to do some work on my new home. He was an old friend, so I immediately trusted him.

Anyways, I always try and give him the benefit of a doubt but he installed 5 new windows. He says he always "checks his work" and it was finished. I paid up. Anyways, I stumbled upon the outside of the windows, which I assumed would be finished. There is a half inch gap, more on some windows. I brought this up to his attention and he apologized but said the it was an easy fix, now he is saying they just werent finished.

I am worried about moisture and rot. He says there is an easy fix to this. I have researched and talked to other widow pros all with conflicting ideas about what happened. Im afraid he just forgot to measure the width (which is window replacement 101). Im going to give him a chance to fix this and I told him that I am going to have someone else come out and check it.

My questions is...is there an easy fix to this? Or do I have to hire someone else to fix his shoddy job?