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    Default Repair Cracked Concrete and Fill in Void around Wood Post

    My grandparents have concrete patio with an awning over it. they want to dress it up a little so we're going to use that Rust-Oleum Concrete Restore. One thing I need to deal with before though, is where the 2 wood posts are (see picture). When the concrete was poured they left several inches of space around the posts and filled it in with white rock and I have 2 questions about this area. Question 1 - there are 2 large pieces of concrete that have cracked all the way through right at the corner where the concrete meets the post area. I think these are much too big to attempt to cover with the Restore so I'm wondering the best way to repair. I would think maybe dig them out, then use a good concrete patch product and bonding agent to lay a thin bed underneath and along the crack and then just stick them back on like you would lay a brick into a bed of mortar and maybe use some kind of wedge to hold them tight until they're set??? But I'm just guessing - I need someone who knows what they're talking about . Question 2, what's the best way to fill that void around the post so I can go over it with the Restore? In other words, I want to make that void go away and look just like it's concrete all the way up to the post but obviously it's probably not a good idea to pour concrete in there as the post would absorb moisture from it.... But is there some kind of product that I can pour in there? Like maybe some self leveling caulk?

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