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    Default Repair Cracked Concrete and Fill in Void around Wood Post

    My grandparents have concrete patio with an awning over it. they want to dress it up a little so we're going to use that Rust-Oleum Concrete Restore. One thing I need to deal with before though, is where the 2 wood posts are (see picture). When the concrete was poured they left several inches of space around the posts and filled it in with white rock and I have 2 questions about this area. Question 1 - there are 2 large pieces of concrete that have cracked all the way through right at the corner where the concrete meets the post area. I think these are much too big to attempt to cover with the Restore so I'm wondering the best way to repair. I would think maybe dig them out, then use a good concrete patch product and bonding agent to lay a thin bed underneath and along the crack and then just stick them back on like you would lay a brick into a bed of mortar and maybe use some kind of wedge to hold them tight until they're set??? But I'm just guessing - I need someone who knows what they're talking about . Question 2, what's the best way to fill that void around the post so I can go over it with the Restore? In other words, I want to make that void go away and look just like it's concrete all the way up to the post but obviously it's probably not a good idea to pour concrete in there as the post would absorb moisture from it.... But is there some kind of product that I can pour in there? Like maybe some self leveling caulk?

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    Default Re: Repair Cracked Concrete and Fill in Void around Wood Post

    Ron Hazelton had a good video on concrete repair sometime ago. Go to his site and find it, then follow his demo to a near perfect concrete repair job.

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    Default Re: Repair Cracked Concrete and Fill in Void around Wood Post

    The rock around the posts allows for slight movement- a good idea instead of stressing the posts or structure above. It also allows any water there to evaporate more quickly- better than rotted posts which would otherwise happen far more frequently. The rock also allows you to more easily replace the posts when they do rot- which even the best wood posts will do eventually. I'd say leave it as is, and if the aesthetics still bother you then put some potted plants around it but let it breathe.

    As to the concrete, slabs done correctly don't just crack so whatever your repair is it's likely going to happen again sooner or later. The correct fix is to redo the entire slab section paying better attention to the substrate under it this time as some of it has moved which is what cause the crack you see now (if the slab was done well otherwise). If the cracks haven't heaved the slab parts creating a trip hazard, and if they aren't very wide, then you can get a caulk-like product to fill them in and paint over that. The big-box home improvement stores will have it. If there is significant heaving then repair it as you planned being sure to compact the ground under the repaired area well before pouring the new concrete in place. Use a concrete bonding agent (and if you're up to it some rebar stubs drilled and epoxied into the old slab) where new meets old and all should be well from there.


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