I finally got to install a utility sink I purchased from HD. I say "finally" as it took a while to do all the plumbing, venting, wall build etc. So after all of that I was pretty excited to make the final connections and start using it.

I even spent a bit more to get something I thought would be nice. Here is the one I bought:


So the problem is the basin does not drain well. I tried tilting it around ( to make up for not being level) and still could not get the water to all make its way down. I checked the tail piece to make sure I was not pushing up from below making the drain hole higher than the surround surface of the basin. Here are my two guesses

1. I used putty around the ring at the bottom of the basin. It does not look like I used a crazy amount and most of it did extrude out. Maybe that it causing the ring to sit too far up?

2. The bottom of the basin has bowed up for whatever reason

Has anyone experienced this before? I was wondering if I put some weight in the basin and let it sit for a while maybe the shape of the basin would creep into something more like it should look.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.