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    Default Custom size single hung single pane window replacement

    Hi - I have a bunch of south-facing windows in my just-bought (10 months ago) home that are 35" x 84" single hung and single paned......one of them cracked this winter and I am now faced with having to replace them all.....quotes vary from $750 - 980 a window! Can't afford that kind of money at this time, as there are 11 windows to replace - 2 rooms - any suggestions on what I can do as summer is approaching (we are in Sugar Land Texas)

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    Default Re: Custom size single hung single pane window replacement

    You could always restore them, even upgrading to double pane or adding storms. Doing one at a time.

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    Default Re: Custom size single hung single pane window replacement

    If it's a new home you should be covered with a homeowners warranty. You might have some of that protection with the mortgage or the realty contract on and old home too- check into that. Your regular homeowners policy may alse help as this is damage related to weather.

    Sugarland gets hot so I'd want double-pane there with low-E glazing on all windows that see any summer sun after early morning. Spread the expense out by doing one or a few at a time using windows which you know will be available in the future so that when you're finished they all match.

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