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    Default Re: DIY home wiring, bad idea?

    I must say I agree with other posters that say the corrections needed, if any, will only cost you more money, which defeats the purpose of trying to save a few dollars by doing it yourself (even with someone who may or may not be knowledgeable, and licensed!)

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    Default Re: DIY home wiring, bad idea?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fencepost View Post
    Engineers should be required to complete an apprenticeship in their field of study prior to receiving their license. I.E., an EE should have to serve time as an electrician or electronics repair tech. An ME should have to learn how to repair engines or be a plumber or something like that. A structural engineer should have to build houses. A civil engineer should have to run a #2 shovel on a road project.

    Then maybe they wouldn't come up with such harebrained, difficult-to-build and impossible-to-fix designs.

    This comment reminds me of a job I worked on at a new church that had a 400 amp service. The EE designed the job with an entire wall of filled with switchgear. All that was needed was circuit breakers. The additional cost for all these unnecessary switches had to be in the high thousands. We mentioned this to the Master Electrician who just shrugged.

    An experienced Master Electrician can design most jobs and avoid pitfalls an EE might not see.

    The architect specified lighting equipment meant to be installed in a ceiling with attic access. There was no way to access the junction boxes after the drywall went up. We went ahead and installed them and crossed our fingers that none of the splices came loose later. In my defense I was just a helper at the time and didn't make these decisions. This is not a situation I would ever want to face as a master electrician because these fixtures were high dollar fixtures.

    Again the Master Electrician just shrugged.
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