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    Default removing supporting wall help!

    Hi I bought a house built in 1820s the kitchen was very small and there was a room just behind it that was built last year by the old I hired a carpenter to remove the wall. as he was taking down the wall he said that it use to be a exterior support wall he showed me the header and it was really old hand cut 5'1/2 x 10'1/2 x 16 feet he said this is a strong enough beam to hold up the one story roof on this side of the house. is this true? or should I get a second opinion?

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    Default Re: removing supporting wall help!

    the only way to know for sure is to have a structural engineer look at it. it might be strong enough or it might not be strong enough. Even if you bring the building inspector over he will tell you to get a structural engineer to look at it.

    there are many factors that will determine whether it is or not such as the size of the opening, the type of wood that the beam is made of, etc.

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