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    Default How to move a cut limestone foundation?

    I have a cut limestone foundation from an old house that I would like to move. Obviously the way to do this will be stone by stone. However, some of the stones are rather large, and I would think even two men might not be able to handle them. What would be the best machinery to use to move such stones onto a flat bed truck for delivery to a new site? (they're going to be re purposed as a landscape wall.)

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    Default Re: How to move a cut limestone foundation?

    Whatever you are comfortable operating and will fit on the demolition site.

    Probably a mini-excavator would be the best, as it will be able to do more than just lift a rock. Also, get yourself some heavy nylon lift straps that can handle 500+ pounds. If you have to carry the rocks any distance from recovery point to loading point, then a bobcat or tractor with front end loader would be better.
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    Default Re: How to move a cut limestone foundation?

    I'd use a telephone to handle those stones.

    Even with the proper equipment, you still need to know rigging. One little slip of a basketball sized rock can cause serious injury or death.

    This isn't a job for amateurs. Have you seen the size of the guys who do this every day?

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