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    Question Soggy Lawn

    Recently bought a home in central NJ in an area that has a relatively high water table and "clay-like" soil. Previous owner installed drainage system around the house that works well in keeping the basement dry. However, the back lawn remains very soggy for days after a rain making it almost impossible to mow and use. Help!
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    Is there any slope to the lawn area at all? Can it be excavated to slope away from your house so the water drains away? Could you install a dry well in the lawn that has perforated black pipe installed in the lawn running to the dry well? Can you incorporate a water feature that has the lawn sloped toward it?

    We have a shallow depression that runs through our property, around the driveway perimeter to the storm drain in the front of the property. The lawn area is sloped toward this depression and it channels the water away. It stays wet for a day or two after heavy rains, but the affected lawn area is much less than if it wasn't there. I have seen similar things in other lawns that have a dry creek bed of decorative stone until the rainwater is channeled there.

    Hope these ideas are of some help.

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