I live in a densely populated urban area. My neighborhood has backyards, but the lots are quite small. So, when I stand in my backyard, I can see 5 backyards surrounding me. My neighbors directly adjacent to me installed an above ground swimming pool with a wrap around deck at the top of the pool. They also installed a six foot fence. Because the pool is roughly 5 or 6 feet deep, this means that when they are sitting on their pool deck, they are nearly at the top of their fence and can see directly into our yard. It is extremely awkward to have our neighbors looking down into our back yard from 7 feet off the ground. I hate it so much.

But instead of stewing or going over there in the middle of the night and slicing their pool open like a ninja, i'd like to be proactive. I need a solution to block their view into my yard. Ok, I could build a 10 foot fence, but that would be expensive and ugly. I could plant a couple of trees, but that would take time for them to grow high enough. I need a solution for this summer.

Any ideas? I'll take any thoughts - crazy, obvious, dumb, whatever. I'm moderately handy and am willing to pay a professional to make this problem go away (although I'm not loaded with cash).