I would like to take advantage your experience especially as many of you seem to be strong on doing the best possible job.

I am researching what flooring would be best for the second floor of my house. The main floor has mostly 2 ¼ red oak hardwood, finished on site. I really love it. The second floor has horrible carpet that should have been thrown out 5 years ago. The second floor has 4 bedrooms and a landing/hallway. I want to start with the master bedroom and hall – about 325square feet. I have $1000 saved up and can save about $200 a month. I am a little impatient and would like to do something by this summer.

I wanted hardwood like the main level, but I inquired into the cost today and I think it will not be possible. It also might be an over improvement for the house. I assume prefinished hardwood would be even more expensive. I can DIY a floating or glue down floor. I’ve looked at laminate, engineered hardwood and hardwood. I have confusion in my brain. Can I get anything decent for $5 a square foot? Any recommendations?

Other info: The kids are teenagers or older. There are 2 small dogs – each under 20 lbs. We will probably be in this house for another 5 to 10 years. I live in the Midwest.