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    Default Re: How can I repair this door knob?

    If you know someone who uses insulin they can be a source of used free small syringes, but clip off the end enough where a needle can't be fitted again to handle any possible unwanted questions from people wearing uniforms

    As far as general use epoxies go my first choice is the original JB Weld. My experience is that it is the strongest and most consistent of any normally available. Others have failed me; this stuff never has!


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    Default Re: How can I repair this door knob?

    For every doorknob or deadbolt lock installed in your home, there is a hole. Fill and seal those hole or cavities with new wood epoxy to provide a paintable surface that, unlike old wood putties, won’t shrink with age.

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    Default Re: How can I repair this door knob?

    Hello again, it's been awhile, I apologize. I finally got around to trying the epoxy/syringe method and it appears to have worked well. It's still curing (it's been a day,will let them sit a couple more) but the knobs already feel quite solid.
    Thank you all very much for helping me repair these old beauties.

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    Default Re: How can I repair this door knob?

    Thanks for getting back to us.

    Be sure you live your life, because you are a long time dead.-Scottish Proverb

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