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    Default Bath tub sealants

    I have a bathtub that the sealant around the edges of the tub that meets the shower stall walls (not tile) has come off. The exposed area (crack?) where the two meet has gotten black and I assume there has mold in it from the moisture. My landlord came in and wiped the area off and put some kind of clear sealant over that crack between the tub and the wall. They did not treat the area with any kind of mold killing agent, nor did they remove it (it is inside the crack,.. and not easy to remove ).
    First, what product (or bleach? vinegar? etc.), will kill that mold that has started, help remove it and prevent it from growing in that environment?
    Second, what kind of sealant, or grout? can I use to seal that juncture between the shower stall walls and the edge of the bath tub, that will seal it well,.. and visually cover that crack (for a lack of a better word).

    I will take off the clear sealant, that is uneven and not done well, then do what is needed.

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    Default Re: Bath tub sealants

    just covering it over doesn't fix the problem at all. cut the old stuff out with a razor and put in new mold resistant caulk. it's comes in several colors including clear. only catch is to make sure that the joint is 100% dry. this is something that has to be done every once in a while (6 months, year or two years) depending on how clean you keep the shower.

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