My husband and I have lived in our 1920 home for 13 years and are now selling it. We had a septic inspection, which was marked incomplete...because nothing is known of the grey water system. For this reason, the inspector stated "Unknown" and if it is directly going into the yard, it is unacceptable. Based on that, the buyer is requesting we reroute the grey water to the actual septic tank.

Is this recommended? I would think this would overload the leach fields, and didnt think it was good for washing machine water..due to access those fields.

We have no information whatsoever about the greywater system. We have never had any issues with grey water leaving the house, and the yard has never had any saturation issues. There is a venting pipe in the side yard...would that exist if it was just spilling into the yard without a filtration system of some sort?

I hate to reroute the grey water, if its not necessary, but, the only other alternative is to dig up my entire side yard until we find something. Would hate to puncture a clay pipe or something with a shovel, seeing we have no clue where anything would be. :-/

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for me?

Thank you.