So I live in Broomfield CO and we have a benzenite (sp?) issue with our soil, plus the usual clay and sand. Our driveway sank over 2" and we just got that mud jacked back up. However the basement is a whole new issue. So there are two areas where the basement cement slabs (under carpet) are heaving up. The floor next to the walls has not sunk at all. there is an inch different from the wall-floor to ceiling, to the highest heave in the center of the main room from ceiling to floor. There is also a smaller heave in the room to the side and the same area in the washer, dryer, heater and water heater room.
Do I cut out the middle and use self leveling cement? Do I have it all torn out and repoured? Do I have to have a "floating floor" created?? What I am looking at getting myself into here? I am really hoping to have a option that I am able to do myself. Any ideas?