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    Default Paint on baseboards and heat registers

    I've been painting the kitchen in the house I just purchased and have two questions:

    1) the cream-colored vinyl baseboards have paint splatters and brush strokes from prior paint jobs. I am painting an olive green color and the splatters are bright yellow and orange and stick out like a sore thumb. Can the paint be removed without replacing the baseboards? If so, how?

    2) the baseboard heat registers (hot water heat) also have paint splatters and brush strokes of orange and yellow. Can this paint be removed without replacing the register? If so, how?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Paint on baseboards and heat registers

    In both cases it may be best to wait for warmer weather & remove the vinyl baseboards AND the metal baseboards, (do only a few at a time & start with the smaller ones) spread some plastic sheeting in the back yard under the removed items & hit them with a liquid paint stripper (remover)(Home Depot/Lowes) & let them sit for several hours--the old paint should come right off with an old cloth; they can then be allowed to dry & be repainted in the color of your choice.

    Both the vinyl baseboard & the metal heat registers are designed to be disassembled without removing or draining the water in the system, or removing the heating elements themselves (copper tube finned elements)---in some cases a metal hand cutter has to be used to cut them in the back (backing wall plate) where the elements go thru the floor in order to clear them from the fin-tube elements, but these cuts will be invisible when the units are reassembled.
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