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    Default Cleaning heat registers

    My new-to-me house has hot water heat and heat baseboard heat registers in every room. They are pretty dirty. How can I clean these? Is that something I can do myself or should I hire a professional? I've tried to use the vacuum cleaner without moving any parts of the register, but was wondering if there was a more thorough way to clean.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Cleaning heat registers


    If you're talking about dust removal, the front piece of the metal baseboard covers usually easily lifts off & out if you grasp with both hands & lift up & out; start with one of your smaller baseboard registers, which will be easier to manage until you get the knack of easily removing the front covers; this will expose the fin elements, which can then be vacuumed with the VC; shine a light on them to see if they are clear; if not, take a hand whisk broom or even a new paintbrush & brush the fin elements until they are clear---the removed baseboard cover should snap easily back into place when you're done.
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