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    Default Cracks in basement floor

    We are considering purchasing a house with an unfinished basement which we would not finish either. The floors have several long cracks throughout the 2000 sq ft space. Some cracks have been cleaned out filled and smoothed. There is a drainage system installed all around the perimeter (3 years old) with sump pump at each end as well as heavy white plastic attached floor to ceiling along all perimeter walls. Does this sound like we are buying a problem?

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    Default Re: Cracks in basement floor

    Not necessarily. It depends on the width and length of the cracks, locations of the cracks.

    Concrete cracks. Some more and some less. That's the nature of concrete. If you look at other houses, they will have cracks as well.

    What if you make an offer requesting the seller to fix all cracks before the close of escrow?

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