i have a guy coming here Tuesday (3/11) to reconfigure the wall that includes my plumbing. He admits to not knowing much about plumbing, and the plan is to take out the current dishwasher which I'll ditch, and create a place for a new one, not yet purchases. Here's the thing. We're going to move the dishwater cavity closer to the sink because where it is now interferes with opening a door to a porch. We discovered that the cld water pipe for the current dishwasher comes up through the basement floor. So. What shall we do to make sure that a plumber will be able to access this pipe for a new dishwasher when I get around to choosing one? Part of the hang-up here is that the new sink was put on back-order which means I either call in a plumber to relocate the pipe, then have him come back later to install the dishwasher and new faucets. That gets expensive.

Should we keep the pipe where it is and make sure the plumber can access it later? Or should we make sure he can access it from under the sink for a new connection? This is way too complicated for my pea brain.