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    Default Parging my basement

    Hello, if my basement walls are painted can I just parge the walls or do I need to put up lath and then parge the walls?

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    Lightbulb Re: Parging my basement

    Hi, depending on what you are trying to achieve in your basement, I'd look at some others options that may be less time consuming and much better for stopping moisture. Paint and sealants on basement walls usually break down over time and/or the water vapor pushes behind them, making them peel and bubble. Putting on another porous material like hydraulic cement, will still let the moisture through the wall. The answer here is a good quality vapor barrier on the walls, that will also achieve the look you want for the basement as well. I have BrightWall in my basement and I love it. It's clean, bright, white paneling, it's very thin, and it cut down the humidity in my basement a great deal. I got it from Basement Systems...they have dealers all over the country and in Canada, too. They have other wall systems depending on what you are doing with your basement. Good luck!

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