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Thread: Exterior doors

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    Question Exterior doors

    I have a steel door on the back of my house that was never painted when i bought the house & i would like to paint it, i know that people put colored doors on the front of there houses but do they on the back too or just stick with neutral colors???

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    It is your house, you can do whatever you like.

    The front of the house is where all the trim, character, and charm is, so painting the siding, trim, and front door different colors can really dress up the place. The back of the house tends to have little to no trim, especially on homes built within the last 30 years, this is why the rear door is usually the same color as the house or trim, to blend it in. But again, it is your house to do with as you please.
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    I think plastic doors are better for exterior . Cheap and durable.

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    Go with whatever color you like, but keep it a light shade- you'll see why if you touch a dark door when the summer sun has been on it all day


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