I live in a 100-year-old row home, in which we recently tore down the ceiling and plaster walls of one room. In an adjoining room, we did not tear down the walls, but thought that we would instead sc**** the paint off of the plaster walls, patch up the walls as necessary, and repaint. That was a bad idea, but it's now too late to tear down the whole wall.
Scraping the paint off is time-consuming and painful, and I'm wondering what else we can do to avoid it, as we're only about half-way through. I was thinking of putting a thin piece of drywall over the existing wall, but my husband thinks that the plaster wall is not strong enough to hold drywall. (I don't know if it matters, but behind one wall in particular is a brick wall between our house and the adjoining one.) I also thought of just doing a textured paint job, hoping that the areas that have and have not been sc****d would not show, but I really don't want textured paint.
Are there any other alternatives, particularly for non-handy people such as my husband and I? Would the drywall be a decent option? Should we just use a chemical paint stripper and then vacate the house for a few days? What about using heat to sc**** off the paint -- does that help?