Hi all,
I work at a community college in northeast Indiana, we have a sizable amount of mostly latex paint. We've been told by our paint supplier " the expiration for paint is 1 year if the container is open and 2 years if unopened". Is this true or is that just away to get more business? Also if that is true then I have like I said a sizable amount of paint I can't use. I talked to our waste/ recycle company, they said if the paint is dried in the container I can just put it in the dumpster. I have a little problem with having a large amount of 1 gal. or 5 gal. buckets of dried paint sitting in the landfill. I was thinking I saw a show with the TOH guys talking about recycling paint and there was a company or some companies that recycle unused paint. Was I dreaming or is this true? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much, William