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Thread: Mylar wallpaper

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    ok, in this 1963 home, the first bath stripped VERY quickly....did it while I was brushing my teeth! The second bathroom is paper, but not coming off well...however, bought wallpaper remover and don't foresee problem. The POWDER ROOM, however, has a thick, heavy silver and blue Mylar wallpaper (I called it "foil" but someone more knowledgeable said it was mylar) that took out a hunk of drywall when I tried to strip it. Tried to break it up with a Wallpaper Tiger (I think that's the name...goes thru the paper so the stripper can get to the glue), and a steamer, but all I have accomplished so far is making a mess. Any suggestions from others?

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    I have not stripped this kind of wall paper, but I have heard that you should try to pull the "foil" part off first - leaving the backing behind. This might be done dry. It is tedious work from what I understand. After the "foil" part is off, strip the paper backing that is left with the wallpaper remover/ steamer. The Mylar is preventing the remover and /or steam from working.

    If you hang wallpaper up, make sure to paint the wall first with wallpaper sizing and hang strippable wallpaper.

    24 years ago I stripped so much wallpaper out of my house, I vowed I would never hang any up - but last week I tried out the new beadboard wallpaper in my powder room and I love it!

    Use drywall mud and a putty knife to repair the drywall - been there.

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