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    Quote Originally Posted by ed21 View Post
    I have tool bags full of stuff and a leatherman tool often on my belt so when I need a screwdriver, pry bar or a scr-aper I go get one or reach to my belt if it's the closest thing that will do the job properly.
    That said it looks like it wouldn't be totally worthless, but multitools usually seem not to any one thing best. Even my much used leatherman has limitations and can't compare to the purpose built tool it might replace. It's just on my belt and handy for small things.
    Ah yes, jack of all trades, master of none. Ever notice that you can't sharpen a multitool with its built in file? It's a conspiracy, I tell ya! Have to buy two!

    A spork is a poor excuse for a spoon and a poor excuse for a fork.
    The "Senior Member" designation under my name doesn't mean I know a lot, it just means I talk a lot.I've been a DIYer since I was 12 (thanks, Dad!). I have read several books on various home improvement topics. I do not have any current code books I can refer to. I was an apprentice plumber for two years.

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    I actually have raised bees, and I have a hive tool. The Shizel is basically the hive tool with the pry-bar end removed and a handle added. I guess if my joints hurt or I worked in the same position all day that might be a good trade off, but I think I'd prefer my hive tool as is.

    But I will agree, I use my hive tool for everything. I haven't scored sheet rock I don't think but I do score paint and caulk. I've pried off trim with it, pulled nails, probably turned a screw, spread putty, opened buckets, sc****d paint, disassembled windows, on and on and on, and don't think that's because I don't have 1000 other tools in the basement. It's like a prybar/nail puller/putty knife that fits in a pocket, or lately has been hanging on my key holder by the door. You can even hammer small tacks with it.

    Oh, and I've worked on beehives with it too.

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    dadant hive tool

    Green Goombah, Many on here are professionals and avid DIYers. Most of us have used many different multi tools and generally they end up in the unused bin. I am glad you find the Shizel so useful and a benefit to you, but you posted your opinion and then get insulted by others honest opinions of the product. Many of us disagree with each other on products we use, it is not mean it is just opinion.

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