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    Default Greatest multi-tool ever

    As a first time user of this forum, I am surprised by the closed minded comments. I would have thought this was a forum to bounce ideas off and to support new ideas. I did some research after seeing the negative remarks The developer of the tool is working to find a solution to eradicate the Varroa Mite that has contributed to hive collapse. He has a section of testimonials and I found testimonials on Ebay. I have found many uses for the tool as he has said in his advertising. It is ashamed that you would not do your research before making the negative remarks.

    I found the best remodeling multi-purpose tool. It's called The Shizel. I found it on ebay listed as a hive tool, but I think it should be in every household. It can be used for so many things like scraping, pulling nails, as a putty knife. I love the handle, the grip is easy on the hands and the tool is light weight. The website for this tool is shizeltool.com.
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