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    Default Neatly Re-Hanging RG-58 Cable?

    I re-painted my house and afterward the cable guy came out and re-hung some wire and it looks UGLY.

    It seems like a trivial thing, but it's like this huge black scar all along the bottom of the paint. Looks totally trailer park.

    I'm wondering what I can do to mount the cable underneath the lowest clapboard so it looks as unobtrusive as possible. I don't have a ton of tools and I can't figure out if one of these standard clips (it's a brad with a hooked piece of plastic) can be nailed into the bottom of the clapboard or if one uses a cement brad.

    Or maybe there is a 'pro' trick that the Comcast guy couldn't be bothered with.

    Suggestions would be most welcome.

    Here are sample images (I can't get the uploader to work.)



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