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    Default Painting ceilgs that have radiant heat installed.

    Is it safe to paint a ceiling that has had radiant heat installed in it? The heat system is no longer being used. The ceilings are not "popcorn" but do have a "bumpy" appearance that would likely crumble off if rolled. We are considering a house with 2100' of this type ceiling. It has new central heat/air but we would also want to remove the unsightly controls from each room and cap the wires off in the wall.

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    Default Re: Painting ceilgs that have radiant heat installed.


    I not exactly sure what the nature of that ceiling material is, but it is unlikely that it cannot be painted with a roller. Even popcorn can be rolled, but it must be rolled rapidly and not re-rolled after the initial rolling. The material absorbs the moisture from the paint and becomes soft and mushy until it has dried. It you see a missed area, wait until it dries and then go back and touch it up. You might want to test it first in an inconspicuous corner to see if it seems to loosen.

    Spraying is an option that does not physically disturb texture nearly as much as rolling. However, spraying does not lend itself to an occupied house. EVERYTHING must be protected from the unwanted spray: walls, floors and furniture. Obviosly, you would either have to hire the job done, or rent or borrow an airless sprayer to do it yourself.

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    Default Re: Painting ceilgs that have radiant heat installed.

    What he said plus;

    If the surface is at all loose or crumbly, it must be stripped of the loose material before painting. That's painting prep 101.

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