I was all set for a company to put solar PV panels on my roof. I paid $4000+, got the city approval and permits, etc. They came to my home with the panels and tools. I had told the sales guy it was a metal roof, and he indicated that should not be a problem. But when the installers came out, it was determined that they cannot install to my roof at all. They say that their company has installed panels to other metal roofs in the past.

The problem is that those metal roofs are the more common ones that have a smooth surface and solid color. My metal roof has metal shingles that are designed to closely resemble traditional tar shingles. So their surface is not as smooth.

The installers say they don't have a (I think the word they used was 'bolt' or something) that would properly attach the panel leg (if that's the right word) to the beam (if that's the right word) on the inside of the roof. Something about it would slip due to the nonsmooth shingle surface and that water would leak when it rains.

So do you know what kind of bolt they should look for? They claim they've asked around and don't know of anyone who has this. The name of the roofing company is Erie Construction of Toledo, OH. The solar company is Missouri Sun Solar. I'm sorry I do not know the brand name of the roof.