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    Default Lower cabinets over baseboard heating.

    I have an open kitchen with rooms on either side that are adequately heated. My kitchen is also heated with hot water baseboard heating. I plan to install lower kitchen cabinets along a section of the outside wall that has baseboard heating throughout. The cabinets being installed only cover about 5 feet of base board heating. I can't reroute the pipes downstairs as it is finished and will be a lot of work.

    Can I remove that section of the radiating coils from the pipe and add pipe insulation there. I don't need kickplate heating.

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    Default Re: Lower cabinets over baseboard heating.

    you can do exactly as you described.

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    Default Re: Lower cabinets over baseboard heating.


    After reading it numerous times, I'm having problems understanding your post---are you saying you want to remove the baseboard covers & cut and remove the the aluminum-fin copper tubing in order to make room for the new kitchen cabinets?? If so, this will create serious problems with the heating system.

    If you just want to remove the baseboard covers, cover the elements with insulation and install the cabinets over THAT, I can see that as possible; since you are dealing with an exterior wall, you will lose a certain amount of heat if the baseboards are modified without making some other arrangement in their place.

    This is a perennial & common problem in kitchen remodeling; by its nature, a kitchen has many base cabinets, refrigerators, stoves, etc using up most of the floor space; this conflicts with forced hot water heating when baseboard heating elements are used---but there are a number of FHW heating elements that take up little room & can be installed as an accommodation to the cabinets & still provide adequate heat for the kitchen; in addition, something has to be done to avoid interfering with the copper tubing loop that now exists in your kitchen---cutting this loop, depending on the type of pipe distribution arrangement you have, could completely shut down the heating system.

    The site below has several alternative elements that can be used; click onto "Select Residential Products", then onto "Select other residential products for photos of floor vectors & convectors---also available are stainless steel wall-hung radiators, small cast iron rads, & others.

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    Default Re: Lower cabinets over baseboard heating.

    Yes, do as you described.

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