We recently moved into a house sitting on 7 acres of land. 2 acres are 100% wooded and another acre is taken up by the house/yard and the pond. That leaves 4 acres. Should I put down some weed and feed to control the weeds or just let Mother Nature do her work? The grass is just standard pasture grass - good for horses if we had horses. The area around the house is a combo of zoshia and bermuda and I know I need to start putting down some weed&feed this weekend. Any ideas? What would be the cost involved? I've read 44 lbs per acre and looking at Scotts says 15,000 sq ft per bag. Considering an acre is over 43,000 sq ft, that doesn't compute to 44 lbs since it takes 3 of those bags. Which is it, 44 lbs per acre or nearly 12 bags of Scott's?