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    Default Installing Engineered Flooring

    I would like to install engineered flooring on top of a ceramic tile covered concrete floor. This is in an enclosed and heated porch, there is no moisture problem. I'm planning to apply a skim coat to make the floor flat. What kind of leveler or thin set should I use to do this? Also What kind of glue should I use to adhere the flooring to the flat surface? The engineered flooring has a wood layer on the bottom. I do not like the feel of a floating floor. So I want to glue the flooring directly to the skim coated surface.

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    Default Re: Installing Engineered Flooring

    Level the surface with floor leveling compound. This is a dry mix material, just add water and spread.

    Do not install any type of flooring that is not within accordance of the manufacturers recommendation, you will void the warranty and likely have big problems with it. Not all flooring is suitable for glue down installation.
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    Default Re: Installing Engineered Flooring

    You asked:

    what king of leveler to use - use a self leveling cement (quikrete is one brand).

    What kind of glue to use - the place you buy your new floor will have glue that is compatible with the engineered floor they sell. If not, follow the floor maker's recommendation.

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    Default Re: Installing Engineered Flooring

    Can we DIY Engineered Flooring?

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