I have a basic question to see if anybody has had experience installing/changing l-vent in a house for oil burners. I have a 20 year old bi-level house with oil burner where venting happens off the side of the house with a power vent (it uses a motor to vent fumes off of side of house instead of venting off of top of house). I suspected when I bought the house that this type of venting was not a good way to go. Mice frequently nest in the unit and have caused periodic issues in winter with oil burner not starting several times over a couple of winters and unit is pretty loud. Looking at options to install a replacement myself.

I believe l-vent (as opposed to b-vent) is used for oil burners? Main thing is I have to install the vent from the garage up through a closet on next floor and through the attic to several feet on the roof. I believe that you can have 1 or 2 turns of the l-vent for this to still work as it looks like cannot produce a straight installation of this.

Has anybody had experience installing this? It doesn't seem too hard as you basically need to do cuts on a floor, ceiling, and roof to work the vent all of the way up.