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    Default Where could this water be coming from???

    We recently noticed a small amount of water in a low lying area of our backyard. It was kind of bubbling up. It started to get worse and was running down the yard. After some digging we found a pipe opening that was clogged with dirt, rocks and leaves. Unclogged it and the water flowing right in and the area dried up.

    What is so odd is that we found tons of round stones and flat landscaping rocks when we were digging. They were obviously purchased. Like it was a "pretty" garden area at one time or something. The water trickles constantly into the pipe & is also clear. Our water bill has stayed about the same too....I looked back over the past 2 years.

    Also our main sewage line runs to a basin and pump that is pumped to the street. So it's not sewage.
    Any advice is so appreciated!

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    Default Re: Where could this water be coming from???

    It could be coming from one or more of many sources.

    First a question: what kind of pipe did you unearth?

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    Default Re: Where could this water be coming from???

    It could be a dry well. They are tipically made with round stones covered over with flat stones .How about some pictures.

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