Can someone help me with choosing a hot water boiler. I have the old fashioned radiators. I now have a WeilMcLain **** Oil Boiler and am converting to GAS. I have not had any trouble with my WeilMcLain yet the Reviews ****** with WeilMclain are not very encouraging. I now have 100,000 btu's. Since this is a 2 family house and I reside in the south in the winter, I want something that is not going to be troublesome and hopefully maintenance free so my tenant doesn't have to worry about it breaking down. I was looking into the SlantFin SE105EDP and the WeilMclain CGI-4. Please HELP. I know absolutely nothing about Boilers!!! The high efficiency boilers are too expensive and was also told their lifespan is 1/2 the lifespan of the standard boilers...Thanks...iannilin