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    Default Closing up a crawl space in the southeastern US

    I have a 20 year old single story brick house in NC and I am going to close up foundation vents and want to encapsulate it and add a dehumidifier. The crawl space is approximately 2500 sq.ft. at an average of 30" high. I am looking for a good quality vapor barrier and dehumidifier. Sales adds are great promoting their products, but I would like people that have done their home to recommend these products to me, to actually get a true users perspective.

    I have struggled over closing the topic of vented or non-vented, and can't find data to support leaving vents open due to the high humidity in the summer/fall months, so I am opting to close them up. If anyone in the southeast has personal experience in this subject I am open to hearing suggestions.

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    Default Re: Closing up a crawl space in the southeastern US

    What you want to do goes against common practice. In my area, where humidity is not that much of an issue, crawl space has to be ventilated.

    Double check locally before you do it.

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    Default Re: Closing up a crawl space in the southeastern US

    I am originally from the Chicago area. There the crawl spaces were sealed.

    I presently live in Portland, Oregon where they are vented. However, there is a trend toward sealing them from the earth's moisture and treating them as part of the house envelope, much like the Chicago area.

    Were I building my dream home, it would have either a full basement or a sealed, insulated and heated crawl space with a cement floor with vapor barrier.

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