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    The repair you need would require two separate piping zones, as stated before, & is indicated in the caleffi Fig 3-7 diagram---if you can imagine caleffi Fig 3-7 as having 2 zones (instead of 4) and that each of the T-stats (2) would be wired separately to each zone valve & each zone valve would be wired to the boiler aquastat (not shown) to individually fire the boiler on each T-stat's call for heat, you would be able to visualize how the rather simple zone valve system works----yes, the piping somewhere near the manifold or elsewhere in the cellar would have to be branched (re-piped), one branch going to the baby's room convectors & the other branch going to the adult's room convectors, which can be either cast iron rads or baseboard.

    How expensive it would cost to re-pipe the baby's room to create 2 separate branches would depend on whether there is easy or difficult access to the existing piping; if there is a cellar area or accessible crawl space where they can get at the heating pipes there should be little problem, and zone valve modifications to existing HW heating systems is very widely done; but the cost estimate for the job would be up to the individual contractor.
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