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    Default Any Easy Blueprint Software?

    I have drawn up plans for a 40' X 100' shop with an apartment. I am a little anal, so even though I have all the dimensions on my sketch, I would love to do a more professional looking job. I don't need software for 3D design and I don't have a year for a learning curve. If I could just draw a framing blueprint with dimensions, I would be happy. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Any Easy Blueprint Software?

    If you plan on building this - and getting a permit - you'll need blueprints from a licensed architect.

    Best to put your money there, and save the time to start lining up contractors.

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    Default Re: Any Easy Blueprint Software?

    An architect may not be required, but as soon as you say a dwelling over a shop a number of building code requirements come into play. Depending on how the jurisdiction will work with you it may be possible to do it yourself. An architect would be able to advise if needed.

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    Default Re: Any Easy Blueprint Software?

    You definitely need an architect - if you don't want to get the run around from your plan checker. In my city an architect is not a requirement, but one comes handy avoiding mistakes.

    If you do your own residence - you can draw your own plans, but be ready to be scrutinized down to the smallest detail by a plan checker who is the authority and the decider here.

    If it were me, I'd get an architect - money well spent for a smooth ride towards a permit. Keep in mind, that even an architect plans will get some corrections, it's a way for the plan checker to establish his authority. And if he's wrong, you can appeal to his supervisor to over rule him.

    I once built a pool on a hill side. My pool plans called for 9 caissons, 2' wide by 28' deep. The plan checker said "no". He wanted 25 caissons (about $2,000 each). Imagine spending $50,000 before you even start digging. I appealed to his supervisor and settled on 13 caissons.

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