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    Default Drilling through exterior brick wall

    This is my first post, while my house isn't that old, I enjoy looking for information & ideas for home improvement.

    My problem is this, I'm attempting to drill through an exterior brick wall to run a wire outside. I have a ranch home built about 1972 and it has a daylight basement. The area I choose to drill is above the block and maybe the second course of brick and I want to come out just above my drop ceiling in the basement, just below the floor on the first floor. I drilled through the brick from the outside with no problem. I then hit what I thought was steel so I bought a 12" long 1/2" bit and whatever I was trying to drill just dulled my new bit! I then went to Fastenal and bought a 1/2" bit that I was told it would go through rebar or anything! Guess what, whatever is in there ruined this bit as well!

    Any ideas on what I need to complete this task?

    Thank you
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