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    Default Fix/paint wood siding or use alternative

    I just purchased a 1903 Victorian that needs some exterior work - some board replacement and eventually painting.
    Are there any siding options available that keep look of the (3 inch ?) siding and reducing maintenance costs over time?

    Thanks, Morrisos
    Mpls, MN

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    Default Re: Fix/paint wood siding or use alternative

    Did you research Hardie Board?

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    Default Re: Fix/paint wood siding or use alternative

    Why would you choose a modern material for a historic home when the original material works so well? If you're not into doing the maintenance old houses require you'd do better with a more modern home.

    Note that I'm not a strict 'purist' but unless something new has a lot more tangible than just reduced maintenance going for it, I believe historic accuracy should be maintained in old homes because once you lose the true character of the house it's gone forever, which was it's appeal in the first place. If all you want is a replica or a house with old styling, build a new one and let someone else love the old one properly.


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    Default Re: Fix/paint wood siding or use alternative

    OP didn't ask for your opinion on whether he should be in an old home, he asked whether there are lower maintenance options that would have a similar look to what he has. The ink on the deed is dry now so comments that he should have bought something different serve no useful purpose. If you are so concerned about historic authenticity I assume your knob and tube wiring and cast iron plumbing remain intact. I would imagine you still have your original tiny kitchen from the days when kitchens only needed enough space for someone to stand in front of a stove and cook and not to store a bunch of modern countertop appliances or entertain a group of friends and family, your garage and basement floors are dirt, and you only have the old school claw foot tubs in your bathrooms without any showers.

    Signed: Owner of a 108 yr old home with vinyl siding who appreciates the charm of older homes but is glad not to have to fuss around with his siding every few years.
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