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    Unhappy OMG Please help...i really messed up. Used oil base paint over water base primer...

    Classic female error. I used water based spray primer on a wooden chair, then used **** metallic oil based spray paint on top. It looked great and seemed fine until i got the chair back from the upholster and found finger prints and all kinds of marks on the paint. The paint obviously did not adhere. It gets worse, because although i only had one chair upholstered, i painted 3 other chairs the same way.

    How do i start over? The chairs have a fair amount of detail so sanding would be really hard. Sandblasting would likely do too much damage as the wood is sort of soft.

    I am gonna look into Baking soda blasting and Dry ice blasting but can't find any in my area of So. California.

    Is there any primer product that we can apply over the mess i've made? I can't believe the mess i've gotten myself into. I have a pic of the chair but can't get it uploaded here for some reason.

    turns out all i needed was a top coat...nothing to do with the water based primer.
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