I have a bathroom vent that vents up to the attic. I also have a wood shingle roof so my attic has vents at each side of my attic keeping air moving up and through the attic so it stays pretty cold up there above my insulation. I live in Montana and it gets very cold. So today I noticed a leak in my ceiling. I thought at first it was melting snow. When I got up in my attic it ended up being a large chunk of ice that was melting inside my vent tube. Apparently the vent tube is getting so cold that the water vapor wasn't making it out of the house before condensing to water and settling in the tube. Have you heard of this happening and what can I do to fix this. I am wondering if exhausting directly into my attic is going to ruin my roof if the vent isn't working at getting the air out of the house before it condenses. Please help me. Brett Veltri