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    Default Low Pressure in Shower

    About a week ago while taking a shower the water pressure cut in half. What could cause this and how can it be fixed?

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    Default Re: Low Pressure in Shower

    start with removing the shower head and cleaning out the screen. when you remove the shower head, you can turn on the water and let it come out the pipe. if you get full pressure with the head off then the head has silt in it. if that doesn't work, you can remove and clean or replace the cartridge in the shower valve. if neither of those work the problem might be more serious and you'll have to call a plumber.

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    Default Re: Low Pressure in Shower

    What's intriguing is the fact that the water pressure suddenly dropped to 50% the previous pressure.

    But first try cleaning the shower head.

    What kind of pipes do you have?

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