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    my grandfather has a vintage wolverine brass works pipe threader complete set in the box i was wondering if any one could tell me approximate what it is worth?

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    An item like this is only worth what somebody would be willing to pay for it. Not a penny more.

    Try selling it on your own and see what your efforts get you. Don't let advertising costs get in front of you.

    If it's not sold within a certain period of time you set for yourself, and you still want to dispose of it, let us know.

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    To a collector, the tool is probably priceless, to a scrapper it's only worth it's weight in scrap, what he's willing to pay you for it will be considerably less, i.e., nothing.

    Your best bet will be to see if you can find a similar item on ebay or Craigslist. You might be able to find a vintage tool forum/site that could offer a guess.
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    Old tools aren't always valuable as one might think. Collectors know this too so even they won't pay a high price for anything short of a known rare tool. Complete sets and items with all the accessories are usually the only ones with value much beyond scrap metal prices. It's a downright shame because so much good old stuff gets melted for scrap but that's how it is

    Valuing by comparison to Ebay is about the only thing I can think of, just be sure you're looking at a 'sold' price, not the 'asking' price which may not be met. I have a few 'oldies' I'd sell but the current prices given would be exceeded by the shipping costs so they will just keep collecting dust here.


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