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    Default newly laid engineered wood floor has gaps

    i had a new engineered wood floor installed during this past month (in cold temperatures) and have noticed quite a lot of gaps vertically and horizontally. the wood flooring store's owner says that it will expand with warmer weather. the installers have filled in some of the gaps with a wood filler that does not harden. i went to two other stores and both told me there should be no gaps as such, and that it was poorly installed. help should i be satisfied with all the gaps being filled in with the filler?
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    Default Re: newly laid engineered wood floor has gaps

    Without knowing all the details of your floor installation, it's hard to know what went wrong.

    - Did the installer install the planks right off the truck, or did he place them on the floor for a few days to adapt to the new surroundings?

    - I think the two other stores are correct: there should be no gaps. The only place you leave a gap is against the walls.

    - Putty filling is normal. A ton of putty filling is not.

    - If you look for a solution here, you have to start with the installer, by giving him a chance to rectify the situation. If you get nowhere with him, contact your state contractor's board - they hold a bond for things like these (if the installer is licensed). More effective will be your lawyer.

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