I live in the Seattle ,Washington area. We have been chasing a moisture problem in out attic. We recently had the roof replaced including 20 sheets of plywood due to molding and rot. When the roof was done we had new bathroom vents installed eliminating the the way they had been done running out the soffit and taking then through the roof instead. We also had more roof vents install at the ridge doubling the number of roof vents. After getting this roof done we had new insulation blown in and baffles installed. The roof and insulation were done by reputable contractors with the highest recommendations on Angie's list so we have no reason to believe they have missed something. About 3 months after the work we looked in the attic and were horrified to find on one side about 3 sections of plywood with full mold growing just near the baffles. It's localized within 4 to 5 rafter sections but doesn't extend upward toward the ridge much past the baffles. Everything in our attic is sealed tight and a beautiful job done on the insulation. So we are wondering if this moisture could be entering through the soffits at one area of the house where the dryer vent was relocated some years before we move into our house. The vent is approximately 9 to 10 feet below the soffit area of the roof where the new mold has accumulated. It exits under a deck. I have seen huge plums of steam coming from under the deck in the winter whenever we dry clothes. This could be as many as a dozen times in a week. My question is: Could this dryer vent have been a major contributing factor all along? After all we had done the dryer vent was the only thing not changed. And the mold/moisture recurrence seems to be in alignment with the area where the dryer vent exited the house about 9 to 10 feet below. I really think my wife connected the dots so this weekend I re-routed the dryer vent and now it exits the house at the gable end away from any soffits. Hopefully this was the last obstacle to keeping moisture from entering our attic. I get physically ill in my stomach when have to enter the attic of this place anymore for fear of what is going to happen next. Any ideas on drying out what moisture has accumulated again would be appreciated.