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    Default Vinyl siding faded, shows where old window use to be.

    Purchased house 12 years ago. House remodeled and build onto at that time. When we moved in, this 25' by 12' section matched the rest of the house. Slowly over the years the siding has faded and become lighter. It is the perfect size fade, like someone masked and painted a lighter paint to form a large rectangle. In the middle, it shows where a window use to be, which is faded a slightly different tint. Know the manufacture, because the home builder left a box in the basement. This section faces the west, so gets south/west sun in summer.

    My questions, if anyone knows: Is this where the house was left with no insulation, causing it to heat more in the sun? I've wanted to take off the siding and see what it looks like behind it, will it break? Has anyone seen this before? Any help appreciated.

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