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Thread: A/C Air Ducts

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    Default A/C Air Ducts

    My house was built in 1950 and the A/C Heating air ducts are sheet metal. I know they need to be cleaned out, but I can't afford $150 for every vent as I have 15 of them. I have called several rental equipment establishments, but they don't rent duct cleaning machines. Any ideas?

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    If you were quoted $150 for cleaning a single duct and you have 15 of them, you can clearly see that it will make more sense to replace them with flex ducts. I'd say get more estimates. BTW, galvanized ducts are considered to be the best, so it's your call: clean them or replace them.

    Maintaining and servicing a home is not cheap, there are always unplanned expenses to deal with. Clean ducts is a must - this is the air you breath, isn't it? "Can't afford it" is not an option, if you run your heater or a/c.

    So this is what you have to look for:

    Duct cleaners should be supervised closely, or you'll get half ass job. Given an opportunity, they slack off. Also, you'll find that most of them are "new" to the business, but not new to cheating. Check their references carefully.

    Working in the attic to replace ducts, is tough and nasty, even in attics where you can stand up (assuming that you're not a basketball player). If you want to replace your own ducts, better know how to do it quickly and mistake free. Otherwise, hire an a/c guy - money well spent.

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